FRIDAY AT 20h30… the two EX-COPS (NYPD) live at the RIP CURL MUSIC FESTIVAL… Plage Illbaritz, baby!

by Maddog Moreti on August 22, 2011

Maddog and Dabeatsky gonna play at 20h30 on the 26th…so come and support these two little shy wanna be ex-cops… remember they do love you!

It’s gonna be sweet…Rip Curl Music Festival 26. aug. 2011

by Maddog Moreti on August 5, 2011

what about coming, we gonna hold hands toghether and talk about freedom and stuff…and then we check this link:

There is just one real Hightower… Rest in Peace Charles „Bubba“ Smith

by Maddog Moreti on August 4, 2011