sweet, sweet…second airtime, dudette!

by Maddog Moreti on 08/09/2011

FRIDAY AT 20h30… the two EX-COPS (NYPD) live at the RIP CURL MUSIC FESTIVAL… Plage Illbaritz, baby!

by Maddog Moreti on 22/08/2011

It’s gonna be sweet…Rip Curl Music Festival 26. aug. 2011

by Maddog Moreti on 05/08/2011

what about coming, we gonna hold hands toghether and talk about freedom and stuff…and then we check this link:http://ripcurl.eu/?aboutmusicfestival

There is just one real Hightower… Rest in Peace Charles „Bubba“ Smith

by Maddog Moreti on 04/08/2011

Damn it! RIP CURL MUSIC FESTIVAL here we go!

by Maddog Moreti on 24/05/2011

Yeah Dudes and Dudettes…we playin live on Friday 26th…Plage Illbaritz…yiiieee haaa!

Welcome to our new Website

by Maddog Moreti on 14/03/2011

Hey Dudes,

welcome to our new website MaddogMoreti.com. Content is coming!